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Fish Tales: Your President's perspective. . . . . . . . . . .

Where did May go???

I cannot believe we are getting into June already. Soon our grand and great grand kids will be starting summer break with all the energy and joy that brings. Don’t forget, for those who are lucky enough to be around them, go fishing, camping, baking or read a book with them. I even had a friend do a zoom meeting with two of his while he was fishing at Wohlford and they were fishing at a pond in Missouri. Don’t worry about knowing how to set up the call, the kids will walk you through it.

Speaking of walking you through it, how about that presentation last month? They have sure built a wonderful center up there in Santa Ysabel. Sounds like a great place for a picnic or a good place to have some lunch on our way up to Cuyamaca sometime.

This month's presenter will be extremely informative about the do’s and don’ts of sun exposure. He is the dermatologist to the elite of fishing (okay Ron Parker and some other members) and can help us understand how we can take care of ourselves and prevent, identify, and treat the various maladies that can arise. This could be a lifesaver so don’t miss it. Remember to bring some guests along to all our meetings.

Oh yeah, that brings me back to Cuyamaca and our Pinezanita campout. You can find out later in the newsletter but just a teaser. They actually caught fish on the campout. I’m so excited to hear of everyone’s adventures and who had the best campfire stories.

Do you have any stories to share? Send us some of your adventures and stories. We would love to hear them and share them on Facebook and our website along with this newsletter.

The fishing has been great both Freshwater and Salt. Many of the boats are coming back with 60, 80,100+ pound Tuna. Rockfish are doing great as are the white seabass. On the freshwater front the Bass are still striking with San Vicente producing some steady catches including a couple of 8 pounders by one Escondido resident who will remain nameless because he failed to invite me on the trip.

For you local trout fanatics our own Doane Pond (The hidden jewel of North County) will have another and maybe the last stock for a while on June 9. Such a close drive to feel like you are in the Sierras.

If you made it to Day at the Docks last month you may have seen that our own COWBOY (Gary Vanderlyke) fell and broke his hip. He is recovering at Pomerado hospital and will be in rehab for a while. I met with him and he was looking good after a couple of not so pleasant days. He is looking forward to healing and joining us as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep him in your thoughts. We will miss him at the meetings.

Our lives are meant to be lived, get out and enjoy the fresh air and friendship of fishing, camping, and being outdoors. See you on the 10th .

Paul Lorson

“So Many Fish…...So Little Time”