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A Line from your President…

Just as most of us were wondering what else could happen this year, a series of devastating fires struck the state, including the Creek Fire near Yosemite. Since fire crews from all over the region were tied up and response to any new fires was limited, as a precaution all State and Federal campgrounds in the Eastern Sierras were closed, including the Pine Cliff Campground. This resulted in the last minute cancelation of this year’s Club sponsored trip to June Lake. We will try again next year, when hopefully the fire danger will be less, and the local hatcheries will be back up to capacity. I would like to thank Albert and Colleen Wilson for their efforts organizing and preparing for this trip. They had gone up early and were forced to return home when the campground was suddenly closed. Back in Escondido, departing Program Director Ken Harrison set up a presentation on Zoom with a pair of very informative guest speakers, Jeremy Ross from Ernie's Tackle in June Lake, and Wayne Kotow, Exec. Director of CCA. Jeremy gave us an update on conditions in June Lake and Wayne updated us on legislature that could affect local off shore fishing. The Zoom meeting concept proved to be a great way to continue club meetings. Ken promises more Zoom presentations in the future. Speaking of Ken, a large number of Club members had a socially distanced picnic at Dixon Lake to say “see you later”, not goodbye, to Ken Harrison and his girlfriend as they embark on their new gigs at KIBS 100.7 FM & KBDV 1230 AM in Bishop. When driving through Bishop in the future, be sure to tune into Ken on the radio, and if you have time stop by and say hello. A few days after the Zoom meeting, I held a virtual Board of Director’s meeting to review the Events Calendar for the rest of the year. I and the rest of the board agreed that since the health and safety of our members are our utmost concern, and because the County continues to have strict gathering restrictions, we are cancelling all Club sponsored gatherings and meetings for the rest of the year. The cancelled activities include the Fall Feast, the Viejas Trip, the Awards Banquet, monthly meetings and the remaining campouts. Though we are cancelling sponsored events, we still encourage members to continue smaller social activities, such as fishing, small group camping and small backyard gatherings. Since we will not have any meetings where we can recruit for next year’s Board of Director’s positions, all members of the current Board have generously volunteered to continue in their positions when we hopefully return to normal operations next year. I want to thank you all for your dedication to the Club. We will continue to keep you all informed of any changes as they occur. Until we meet again, Monique and I hope that you all have a safe and healthy Halloween.

Tony Smock President

“So Many Fish…...So Little Time”