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Fish Tales from Your President’s Perspective.

“8 am facing east from shore where it drops off. Single treble hook with bait keeper spring. Trout power bait on light tackle and slim fixed bobber. In close. Boom! 17 inches at 5.5 lbs. rainbow. Biggest shore catch of my life.” Onslow on the

You have to guess where this one came from! If you join us on next year’s camping trips you may be going there.

So some of our members just can’t resist the opportunity to rub it in when it comes to fishing. Recently, a member whose name will remain anonymous (initials are RP), decided they just had to go out of their way and stop by June Lake Loop. Well, they also decided to see what the fishing looked like in the lakes so they stopped by Silver Lake and very few people were fishing but some nice fish were being caught. Then they went by Gull where the marina was empty, but the fish were plentiful. Just to prove their point they sent some pictures.

I don’t know about you but to me that’s just plain mean. Not only did he show the fish, but he also “said” they were all 5 pounds. Oh well, I guess I will have to remind him he didn’t catch any when we were all up there.

On a brighter note, we have another great campout at Santee lakes starting November 5. The weather should be great and hopefully so will the bite.

Speaking of bites, let’s not forget our Fall Feast and sale. Make your reservations either by calling or emailing and go through all your treasures and pick out some to donate. See page 7 for contact information and details. I really enjoy seeing what other people are getting rid of and it seems I always must buy 1 or 2 or 20.

Oh yea, the fish on the top of the page was caught October 30, at Lake Cachuma. We are trying to add Lake Cachuma and Lake Martinez to our 2024 campout agenda. So, if you haven’t been to Cachuma in the hills above Santa Barbara you have missed some fun. First off, the turkeys are plentiful and so are the skunks. The fishing is usually pretty good with a lot of shoreline and great boating spots. On one of your days, you can run over and experience Solvang and its unique shops and great food and if you must, you can drop over to the coast and do some saltwater fishing in one of the best fishing spots on the planet, the Channel Islands.

I want to thank Tony and Ron and all the others who helped while I was away in Guam. My trip was very eventful. Upon arrival we were met with a Typhoon warning and for the next 3 days we were on lockdown riding out the storm. Luckily this one turned at the last moment and we only had 70 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. Amazingly there was very little damage done. This was in stark contrast to Typhoon Mawar that destroyed 100’s of houses and did damage beyond belief just a few months earlier. I am pleased to say our teams have started arriving safely now and have already done great good for the people of GUAM. It was extremely satisfying to know that people who only a couple of weeks ago had nothing but bare walls left now have clean, dry, homes with electricity and water. The tears and the smiles of those folks make all the hours and endless flights well worth it. See you at the feast and remember the general meeting is the 17th this month. Don’t forget to signup for our Awards Banquet and Holiday Party.

Your President - Paul Lorson