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Past President Ron’s Notes: This is the second year I’ve replaced President Larry in January, February and March as Larry does his bass fishing at his second home in Florida. He always sends some neat jokes for me to tell plus some alligator and fishing stories.

This next meeting, Friday February the 10th, we will be able to experience some neat things. One is our annual Bake Sale with a chance to bid on some delicious pies, cakes or cookies and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check with Karen Kirchnavy, Colleen Wilson or Monique Smock if you have any questions. Please don’t forget your sweetie!

We also have Chad Gierlich from Hookup Baits, a local manufacturing firm that has some great fresh and salt water baits/lures. Chad does a lot of fishing in our local lakes and is an experienced saltwater angler. Wow it’s a beauty! I think you’ll enjoy hearing about and seeing his products and experiences.

Besides the above mentioned program we have a lot of things happening this year, from saltwater trips, picnics, RV fishing excursions, and our fishing challenges at the local lakes. Barbara G. has a choice of saltwater trips and Bob T. has plenty of dates for freshwater outings. See a complete schedule of events on page 9 and on our website. Plenty of things to check out and sign up to join us if your calendar is open. Bring along your fishing buddy, they may also be interested in hearing our program and checking out all the activities.

Now is the time to get those saltwater reels and rods out of the closet and service them. Check the drags, oil and grease them and tighten all the screws. Check the guides on your rods and go over them with lemon pledge. Sure makes clean up a lot easier after a saltwater trip. If you’re not a fan of doing your own maintenance it’s a good time to have them serviced by one of our tackle shops. If you need a reference let me know. Also you should test your line, very important to replace your line or if you have braid replace your top shot.

The Fred Hall Show offers many vendors that have specials on line, terminal tackle, rods and reels and fishing trips. The show at Del Mar starts on March 23rd thru the 26th, it’s lots of fun seeing all the new stuff, taking in a seminar or two and talking to the different landings. Time to also think about your freshwater arsenal and the show has plenty of freshwater equipment and vacation spots to plan your trips. It’s a regular candy store for the angler.

Hope to see you at the meeting! I’ll Catch you later,
Past President Ron’s Note

Ron Parker Past President

News from Florida.
The weather for the month of January has been very consistent, which has had a very positive impact on fishing. This January has had the best fishing that I have experienced in 15 years. We have caught 5 large mouth bass over 6 pounds, with 2 over 7 pounds. The alligators have been a little slow. To date I have seen only 10. You may have seen on national news pictures of the 800 pound, 13' to 14' gator about 20 miles from our location in a hiking preserve. I won't be going there soon.

Larry V. Jauert President

“So Many Fish…...So Little Time”