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A Line from your President. . . . . . . . . . .

I hope everyone is doing well and coping with the new Covid challenges. Since we have not been able to meet in such a long time, we decided to try something new as a celebration to mark our first General Meeting since April, 2019. To maximize safety, we felt that an outdoor venue was most appropriate. So, we held our September meeting a little early, and combined it with a picnic at Dixon Lake. If you missed it there is more information about it on page 5.

Since the meeting was so well attended and enjoyed, we are going to have our next meeting at Dixon Lake as well. This will be the October meeting and will be held on Thursday, October 7 at 10 am in the Lakeshore Picnic Area. Ken Harrison is working on arranging a guest speaker. Bring a picnic lunch with you and stay after the meeting to socialize, if you would like. We will be sending more information as we get closer to October.

Our goal is to return to our normal activities, while also taking measures to reduce the health risk to our members. In keeping with this goal, we held our first non-shore fishing fish challenge since the shut-down. This was a catfish challenge at Dixon Lake. Those of you who did not attend the Catfish Challenge on August 13 missed a great experience. Though the day had been in the 90s, by the time we arrived a cool breeze was beginning to blow across the lake. The beauty of the lake was enhanced by the lights of the boats and boat dock reflected on the lake. We were also treated to the sight of a raccoon family coming down to the shore near our boat. Though lots of catfish were being caught and we got several bites, out of the 5 anglers who participated, I was the only one to land a catfish.

Fishing off the coast is heating up. Full day and longer boats are experiencing a great tuna bite. Lots of Yellowfin limits are being taken. Bluefin, Dorado, and Yellowtail are also making a good showing. If you are interested in going on a saltwater trip keep an eye on your email. We have cooperating associations with other fishing clubs in the area, and our Saltwater Vice President, Barbara Gattuso, frequently posts information about charter opportunities through the Club’s email and in our Newsletter.

Sadly our June Lake campout was again cancelled due to the fire situation. Our next campout Lake will be a four night stay at Santee Lakes. This is one of the cleanest and closest campgrounds we visit. It also has excellent access for those with mobility issues. This will be the opening week of trout season at the lake, and they are stocking 3000 lbs. of trout for the opener. For more information, read about this outing in the Freshwater section of the Newsletter.

We still have at least one opening on the Board of Directors. If you would like to become more involved with helping to make decisions for the club, and if you would like to get to better know those who work behind the scenes to make our club a success, please contact myself or any of the Board members. We all owe special recognition and thanks for those of you who came forward to volunteer for next year’s Board, and for those currently on the Board who are volunteering to continue in your positions. These are the people who make our Club special and who prevent our Club from going out of existence. Have a great Labor Day and stay safe.

Tony Smock President

“So Many Fish…...So Little Time”